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02-02-2012 22:58
anyone can give me the link to Kaze hikaru chap 151 onwards?

25-01-2012 18:56
What happened to the Rurouni Kenshin Kanzenban Art that was here? I can't tell if it isn't here anymore or if I'm just getting lost.... @.@

25-01-2012 18:32
HI ^^ I'm newbie

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RK is coming back to fans. What do you want to see the best?

The New Live Action Movie!
The New Live Action Movie!
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The New Shin Kyoto Hen OVA!
The New Shin Kyoto Hen OVA!
14% [1 Vote]

The New Watsuki Reboot RK manga!
The New Watsuki Reboot RK manga!
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Holding out for re-animation of Jinchuu!
Holding out for re-animation of Jinchuu!
43% [3 Votes]

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Started: 26.12.11

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Characters and Voice Actors

Sakuraba Suzuka (桜庭 鈴花)

Born in Aizu, Suzuka’s father ran a dojo and she learned the sword from an early age. After her father died, leaving the dojo with heavy debts, Suzuka decided that she should use her skill and asked Teruhime, the princess of Aizu, to help her get into the Shinsengumi. She is a passionate and dedicated girl, who wants to be accepted for her skill rather than stand out for being a girl.

Voice Actress: Ueda Kana (植田佳奈)

Other roles: Yumi Fukuzawa in Maria-sama ga Miteru, Kohaku in Tsujihime, Lunar Legend, Mikan Sakura in Gakuen Alice

Kondou Isami 近藤 勇

A very direct person, Kondou is also known as a womanizer and some see him as frivolous, even insincere. However, beyond that light-hearted persona is a very deep sense of justice and duty and devotion to “Makoto“, the code of the Shinsengumi and the way of the samurai.

Voice Actor: Morita Masakazu 森田 成一

Other roles: Kurosaki Ichigo in Bleach, also had roles in Gundam Seed Destiny and Ring ni Kakero.

Hijikata Toshizo (土方 歳三)

A calm and calculating man, but he is devoted to Kondou and works hard for him. Serious and somewhat formal, speaking without caution around him will arise his suspicions. However, in those he trusts he trusts completely.

Voice Actor: Okiayu Ryotaro 置鮎 龍太郎

Other roles: Soma Shigure in Fruits Basket, Dark in DN Angel, Akuram in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de and Scar in Fullmetal Alchemist.

Okita Souji (沖田 総司)

A kind young man who always seems to be smiling, but there is more than that to him. The one who fights with great skill with his sword is the same one that plays with neighborhood children. Totally devoted to the Shinsengumi.

Seiyuu: Ishida Akira (石田 彰)

Other roles: Cho Hakkai in Saiyuki Reload, Kaworu in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Satoshi in DN Angel

He came in 2nd place in Animage’s (a Japanese anime fan magazine) annual reader survey for “Favorite Seiyuu”.

Yamanami Keisuke (山南 敬助)

Kind and gentle, Yamanami does not get angry easily, however dishonestly will cause him to be upset. Although he is skilled with the sword, his talents in the Shinsengumi are better used for teaching literature and military arts.

Seiyuu: Konishi Katsuyuki

Other roles: Kyoushirou Mibu in Samurai Deeper Kyo, Tooya in Ceres, Celestial Legend, Louie in Rune Soldier and Amidamaru in Shaman King.

Nagakura Shinpachi (永倉 新八)

A dependable person with a big, if sometimes rough, personality. He is fond of money. An ideal partner for him would be someone who wouldn’t shrink away from such a bold man.

Seiyuu: Morikubo Shoutarou (森久保 祥太郎)

Other roles: Ginji Amano in Getbackers, Orphen in Orphen, Okita Souji in Papuwa.

Voted 7th in Animage’s annual reader survey for “Favorite Seiyuu”.

Saitou Hajime (斎藤 一)

Hard to read because he doesn’t show a lot of emotion, the lone wolf of the group is considered one of the best in the Shinsengumi. Although he does seem to be distant, when he does become close to someone he shows his good nature.

Seiyuu: Miki Shinichiro (三木 眞一郎)

Other roles: Minamoto no Yorihisa in Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, Yoji Kudou in Weiss Kreuz, Kyuzo in Samurai 7, Mansairaku in Otogi Zoshi, Takumi Fujiwara in Initial D

Harada Sanosuke (原田 左之助)

Quick-tempered and sometimes a wild man who goes on instinct. Although one might only see a rough man, he is actually gentle and values his friends. Well-educated, that side only comes out when drunk, when he can present ideas that even stun the scholarly Yamanami.

Seiyuu: Nakai Kazuya (中井和哉)

Other roles: Zoro in One Piece, Mugen in Samurai Champloo, Hijikata Toshirou in Gintama.

Yamazaki Susumu (山崎 烝)

A cheerful cross-dresser, but very emotional at times. He prefers spying over using a sword, and uses a trained crow to help him gather information.

Seiyuu: Minagawa Junko (皆川純子)

Other Roles: Echizen Ryoma in Prince of Tennis, Shuugo in .hack/Legend of the Twilight

Todou Heisuke (藤堂 平助)

From his sheltered childhood Todou can appear naïve and will often spring into a situation without thinking. Hates to be treated like a child, but looks up to Nagakura as a big brother.

Seiyuu: Matsuno Taiki (松野太紀)

Other Roles: Kouga in InuYasha, Pegasus/Helios in Sailor Moon SuperS, Kindachi Hajime in Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo.

Saitani Umetaro (才谷 梅太郎)

A forward, direct person who is very self-confident and never bashful. Fascinated by new people and knowledge, but he can be quick to change, and may lose interest quickly. Note: Saitani is the alias that Sakamoto Ryoma (坂本 龍馬) used while working against the shogunate.)

Seiyuu: Sakurai Takahiro (櫻井孝宏)

Other roles: Susumu Yamazaki in Peacemaker Kurogane, Yuri Shibuya in Kyo Kara Maoh!, Takamine Kiyomara in Zatch Bell

Matsudaria, Daimyo of Aizu 松平 容保

The appointed protector of Kyoto, and supporter of the Shinsengumi.

Seiyuu: Katougi Satoshi (加藤木 賢志)

Minor roles

Teruhime, Princess of Aizu (照姫)

Sister-in-law to Matsudaria, she lives in Aizu after her divorce from her husband. She is a friend and supporter to Suzuka, and they often exchange letters.

Seiyuu: Kobayashi Yuu (小林 ゆう)

Other roles: Setsuna Skaurazaki in Negima!, Dandoh Aoba in Dan Doh!!

Serizawa Kamo (芹沢 鴨)

Early leader of the Shinsengumi, Serizawa is fond of drinking, and his iron fan will strike without warning to anyone who crosses him.

Seiyuu: Sakai Keikou (酒井 敬幸)

Minor roles in Guyver.

Itou Kashitarou (伊東 甲子太郎)

A handsome young man knowledgable in the miliary and literary arts.

Seiyuu: Takahashi Ryoukichi (高橋 良吉)

Minor roles.

Takeda Kanryuusai (武田 観柳斎)

Disliked by most of the members, he is also known for always flattering the leaders.

Seiyuu: Motegi Masaru (茂木 優)

Minor roles

Shimada Kai (島田 魁)

A gentle giant with a sweet tooth, he is a friend of Nagakura. He gets along well with Suzuka because they are both fond of sweets!

Seiyuu: Yoneda Naotsugu (米田 直嗣)

Minor roles

Inoue Genzaburou (井上 源三郎)

Hijikata’s brother-in-law, and a student of Kondou, and captain of the 6th unit. The oldest member, he is a gentle man with a smile who is looked upon as an advisor by the others.

Seiyuu: Hatano Wataru (羽多野 渉)

Other roles: Tomokazu Mikuri in Yumeria

Ooishi Kuwajirou (大石 鍬次郎)

A spy and an assassin, he is a mysterious figure that few know anything about.

Seiyuu: Katougi Satoshi

Minor roles

Hattori Takeo (服部 武雄)

Also a close friend of Itou, he is skilled in many kinds of martial arts and in usage of the sword and spear, and even can use a two-sword style. Despite this, he is a quiet and gentle man.

Seiyuu: Miyajima Fumitoshi (宮島 史年)

Minor roles

Shinohara Tainoshin (篠原 泰之進)

A close fried of Itou, this stubborn man is usually in his company.

Seiyuu: Kawamoto Kunihiro (河本 邦宏)

Minor roles


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