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02-02-2012 22:58
anyone can give me the link to Kaze hikaru chap 151 onwards?

25-01-2012 18:56
What happened to the Rurouni Kenshin Kanzenban Art that was here? I can't tell if it isn't here anymore or if I'm just getting lost.... @.@

25-01-2012 18:32
HI ^^ I'm newbie

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The New Shin Kyoto Hen OVA!
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The New Watsuki Reboot RK manga!
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Holding out for re-animation of Jinchuu!
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Articles: History - Members & Relations

Hijikata Toshizou Yoshitoyo
Known as the "Demon Vice-Commander", he was a strict and feared leader inside the corps however he was always supportive and loyal to Kondou who was also his friend.

Itou Kashitarou
Kondou was impressed with him, so much so that Todou was sent to recruit his former teacher to join the Shinsengumi. Immediately he becomes a "President" in the ranks.

Kondou Isami (Isamu) Masayoshi
Fact sheet of Kondou Isami, commander of the Shinsengumi. A charismatic leader who brought the Shinsengumi together. He was respected by his enemies and even his worst internal critics.

Kondou Tsune: Isami's wife and her fate
Learn about Tsune, Kondou's wife who was faithful to him eventhough he spent most of his time in Kyoto commanding the Shinsengumi.

Kondou's Adopted Daughter in Love with Okita
Although this maybe more in line of trivia... I've decided to include this here as it's quite fitting in the "relations" category. Once a upon a time, Kondou had a daughter who fell in love...

Kumebe Masachika
Kumebe Masachika isnít a well-known Shinsengumi member. Very little is known about him but I thought I should write him anyway just because like Hijikata Toshizou he too attempted to create an independent nation.

Okita Soji (Profile contributed by Nlf7)
Thank you to Nlf7 a forum member for contributing the following article on Okita Souji. Nlf7 is also one of the contributors on wikipedia.

Okita Souji's Description and Portrait
Okita Souji is usually established with an image of a young and handsome swordsman. How did he probably look like?

Okita Souji's Mysterious Love Life
The stories revolving around Okita's love life. These are the stories of 3 women whom crossed his path.

Saitou Hajime's First Wife Shinoda Yaso
Not much is known at all of Shinoda Yaso. Had it not been for Shizuko Akama she would've been another forgotten part of History. But she is an interesting and puzzling figure in Saitou Hajime's life. She stayed with him during his most darkest of days, both of them being married declaring themselves "Shizuoku".

Saitou Hajime: From Takada to Tonami, Ichinose Denpachi as a Prisoner of War
I've finally finished looking up Ichinose Denpachi's footprint, transcribing the work of Tetsuya Ito. For those of you wondering what happened to Saitou Hajime immediately after the Boshin War and how he ended up in Tonami with Yaso, this might interest you.

Saitou's two names: Ichinouhe Depanchi and Fujita Goro some common mistakes
No one can put blame if they can't get Saitou's name straight. He has had quite a few! But some researchers just has to have it absolutely right!

Shinohara Tainoshin - Itou Kashitarou's right hand man who secedes from the Shinsengumi
Shinohara Tainoshin leaves the Shinsengumi to follow Itou and joins the Kodaiji group. Narrowly escaping death at Aburanokoji he seeks help from Satsuma and later on becomes a Christian.

Souma Kazue: Last Shinsengumi Commander
Hijikata was not the last Shinsengumi commander. The last was Souma Kazue who was said to be the best aide to Hijikata in Hokkaido.

Takeda Kanryuusai: Strategist killed on his way to Satsuma
Takeda Kanryuusai was the Captain of the 5th troop who was a teacher of literary arts and a military strategist. He hailed from Izumo Matsue domain...

The Two Okita Rintarou
Who were they and how did they relate to our favorite Okita Souji? An article by nlf7!

Todou Heisuke "Sakigake Sensei"
Todou Heisuke (Nobutora) was nicknamed the "Forerunner Teacher" or "Sakigake Sensei". But why? Find out what Todou was like!

Yamanami Keisuke "Sannan"
Who was Sannan? Why was a well-respected official in the Shinsengumi be forced to commit seppuku? Or did he really?

Yamazaki Susumu: Non-participation in the Ikedaya Raid and Death
Well for the most part, especially in PMK we are presented with Susumu being an instrumental factor to the Ikedaya-affair. Suzuki Tooru throws some "doubt' into his participation into the raid itself.
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