Welcome to Wolf and Weasel, quite possibly the ONLY Saito/Misao site on the web.

Then again, not many people are as insane as me.

But TALK about CUTE! o^-^o

I love Saito and Misao, as you may be able to tell.  They go together like rama-lama-lama kading-a-di-ding-y dong.  Or something.  (Someone stop me from alluding (badly) to musicals...) ANYway, all kinds of stuff is going up (still under construction).  So look around, submit stuff, enjoy!

Oh, and Jasmine Reinier is awesome enough to let me put up some of HER fics too.  And hopefully we can get up some of her art, as well.  So look forward to that.


I'm in a show.  Again.  However, I WILL try to work on the site.  Sort of. ^_^

Also, I'm screwing around with some stuff, so if links don't work...that's why.

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Really alternate, but SO DARN CUTE!!
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Wolf + Weasel = What?


Most people would say "problems", and they'd be correct, due to the constant fighting that seems to ensue every time they see each other.  However, this conflict is part of what makes them such a great couple.  They keep each other on their toes with their rapid-fire arguments.  The *cough* unusual nature of their relationship is part of what is so amusing about humor with them, and their own personal scars make for great dramatic scenarios as well.  Overall, they fit together perfectly, even if they aren't canon.

So spread the love, and get more people to convert to our religion...er...get more people to love this great pairing too.


...Yeah.  To be added to.