Super-Simple Bio of The Weasel

Name: Makimachi Misao (Or the other way around, if you Americanize it)

Age: 16-18, in the manga

Birthday: November, 1863 (Saggitarius)

Blood type: B

Height: 4' 10" / 149 cm

Weight:  / 37 kg

Birthplace: Kyoto

Nickname/Alias: Itachi-musume (weasel girl)

Misao, in the words of Kenshin, "isn't the ninja girl next door".  She's spunky, cheerful, bright, and adventurous, while at the same time being emotional and obstinate.  Her "bird kick of rage" (kecho giri) is a sure-fire way to knock men flat on their backs (Or, in the case of Kenshin, out the second-story window).  She may be small and slight, but when necessary, will kick serious ass.

When Misao was orphaned at 5, she came to the Aoi-ya to live with Okina, whom she refers to as "Jiya", or "grandfather", though the translation is more of a "gramps", as far as informality goes.  She came to admire, and then have a crush on, Shinomori Aoshi, Okashira of the Oniwabanshu at the time.  When he left Aoi-ya, she went to look for him.

Shortly after this, Misao ran out of money and had to con men by, essentially, pretending to be a prostitute, kicking their butts, and stealing anything they had on them.  Kenshin finds her at this, and when she discovers that he knows of the location of her precious "Aoshi-sama", she tails him.

When they arrive at Shingetsu village and find Eiji, Kenshin confronts the villagers as Misao and Eiji watch from the sides.  A man tries to attack Misao, and ends up being run through by the sword of none other than Saito Hajime.  Fairly soon after, he dubs her with the nickname of "itachi-musume", or "weasel-girl".

And the rest is history.

Well, mostly, after all, I did stop before the important bit where Saito tells her "...don't leave my side" as Kenshin fights Senkaku.

Oh, and where he puts his hand on her head.

And the tiny little detail of Misao proclaiming  herself Okashira...

But after that, the rest is history.

Really alternate, but SO DARN CUTE!!
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