Most of these are by me, but not all.  They'll be noted if they're not.

** are specially recommended.

Scarlet Sunset
PG13, angst/romance (one-shot)

Adventures of a Certain Annoying Itachi: Misao Goes To The Police Office
R, humor (romance?), excerpt

The Difference Between Love and Loathing **
R, romance/mystery, AU, by Jasmine Reinier (10 chapters, incomplete)

All The Time in the World
R(ish), angst/romance (two-shot)

Hearts Take Flight
PG13, romance/humor, AU (one-shot)

Watashi no Itachi **
PG13, action/adventure/romance, by hajimenokizu (23 chapters, incomplete)

Her Guardian Wolf
PG13, angst/general, by Jasmine Reinier (three-shot)

An Okashira's Honor **
PG13, general (more like "everything"), by WEIRDkittywwingz (22 chapters, incomplete)

Really alternate, but SO DARN CUTE!!
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