Adventures of a Certain Annoying Itachi; Misao Goes To The Police Office

Misao walked into the police office. “Where’s the wolf?” she asked his lackey.

Chou looked up. “He’s out.”

“Is not,” Misao glared.

He put his feet up on the desk and crossed his arms. “Well, he’s not IN…”

She glared at him. “You lie…”

The katana-gari opened both eyes (for once). “Ah cain’t tell ya where he is, ‘kay?”

Misao got an evil grin. “I’ll tell Tae.”

A tiny flicker of fear passed through Chou’s eyes. “Ya WOULDN’T.”


Chibi tears slid down Chou’s face. “But…”


The tears got…teary-er. “Ah…”


He gave in miserably. “F-fine…” He opened Saito’s door. “He’s in…tho’ he won’t be too happy ta see ya…”

Misao grinned happily at him. “Fank you, Chou-chan!” She skipped through the office door.

Chou sighed sadly. “Mah life…is over…”

Back in the office, Saito looked up irritably and glared. “What are YOU doing here, itachi?”

The said itachi grinned cheerfully. “I’m here to annoy you!”

He glared at her again. “GO AWAY.”

Misao planted her hands on her hips. “I’ll withhold wall sex if you make me leave!”

Saito’s eyes went wide. “You. Wouldn’t. DARE.”

She glared back. “I WOULD.”







This continued, even as Chou walked in. “Boss, Ah have the…” His eyes widened and numerous sweatdrops covered his head. “Ah DON’T wanna know…” The poor man turned right back around and walked out.

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