Ways to Kill Tokio

Any devoted Saito alternate pairing author has several stock ways, as Tokio simply MUST be taken care of.

These are (some of) mine.

~ Food poisoning

~ Snake bite

~ Spider bite

~ Disease

~ Murdered:
                 ~ by poison
                 ~ by sword
                 ~ by dagger
                 ~ strangulation

~ Political assassination.

~ Tripping on a lady bug and impaling self on a piece of grass.

~ Falling out of a building.

~ Trampled by a horse.

~ Shipwreck.

~ Drowning.

~ Trapped in a burning building.

~ Eaten by wild ducks.

~ Attacked by sea turtles.

~ Crushed under a boulder.

~ Avalanche.

~ Sucked into a black hole.

~ Skull grated away by a cheese grater.

~ Hearing "It's a Small World" one too many times.

~ -Walking in on- Kenshin and Kaoru.

~ Tree limb falls on head.

~ Gets a paper cut and dies of blood loss.

~ Pricks finger on spindle of spinning wheel.

~ Chokes on a grain of salt.

~ Gets beaten by a piece of soba.

~ Lung cancer from living in the same house as Saito, the Human Chimney (TM).

~ Strangled by drapery.

Do YOU have more? ^-^


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