You know you like Saito/Misao too much WHEN...

~...You have designated nicknames for them to use on each other. (i.e.: "Wolfie-poo", "Misao-koi")

~...You read every argument they have as a hidden declaration of love.

~...You can find Saito/Misao moments in the anime, and have said moments memorized.

~...You come up with a very long list of ways that Tokio could die.

~...You mentally think of Misao as 18 and Saito as a young 30, even though they're not.

~...You stop reading Kenshin/Kaoru fanfictions because they're too boring.

~...You come up with animal names for all your friends.

~...Aoshi becomes the bad guy in every fanfic you write.

~...People can piss you off just by pointing out Tokio's existance.

~...You wonder what the series would be like if they actually DID get together...

~...You spend hours drawing fanart of them because you can't find decent pictures.

~...You make a website devoted to them.


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