Todo Heisuke

Captain of the Eighth Unit

Born – 1844 in Edo [Tokyo].

Died – November 18, 1867 in Kyoto at age 24 [23].

           [December 13, 1867.]

Names –

Imina – Nobutora

Personality Quirks and Traits –

Todo may have been a bit “showy”. Mention is also made of his “Edo breeding”, implying he would have been an educated, well-mannered person.

Physical Description –

Todo is said to have been a rather handsome man, but is also described as “small”.

Family History –

It was rumored that Todo was the illegitimate son of the daimyo of the Tsu domain, Todo Izuminokami. His mother may have been the daughter of a flower shop owner in Komagome, but this is not certain.

Supposedly Todo owned a very pricey sword which a mere roshi could not have afforded and was supposed to have proved his connection to the Tsu daimyo.

Martial Skills –

Ryu – Hokushin Itto Ryu

Rank – Mokuroku

Teacher – Chiba Shusaku, Genbukan dojo

Todo is said to have been quite good with a sword. He started out at the same dojo as Yamanami. For this reason is said to have adored the Vice-commander and his loss affected Todo especially hard. At some point Todo is thought to have left Chiba’s dojo and gone to the one ran by Ito Kashitaro, who was also a teacher of Hokushin Itto Ryu.

Eventually Todo became a pupil boarding at Kondo’s Shieikan dojo, probably because of his connection with Yamanami.

Shinsengumi Years –

Todo was with the group when the Mibu Roshi first formed and was a captain up until March of 1867, when he departed the group with Ito Kashitaro. He would remain one of his followers until his death the following November. At the height of the Shinsengumi he was Captain of the Eighth Unit.

Todo was the youngest person in the group’s leadership hierarchy according to Western calculations. He would have been considered the same age as Saito according to how ages were figured during his lifetime. Okita may have also been in this age group or he may have been two years older.

Despite his long and close connection with the members of the Shieikan, Todo decided to leave the group with Ito Kashitaro. Yamanami’s death is often thought to have been a factor in his decision. On the night that Ito was assassinated, Todo joined the men who went to retrieve his body. The Shinsengumi ambushed them and during the scuffle Todo was killed despite efforts on Nagakura’s part to allow him to escape. He was only 24 [23].