Kaze Hikaru Media

In Japan, Kaze Hikaru comes out monthly in Flowers magazine, and the tankouban volumes are generally released twice a year. In 2007, there was a six volume bunkoban release. Bunkoban releases are not deluxe, the size is a bit smaller and the only extra is a new cover image. The series remains popular in Japan, with new volumes ranking on the bestseller list.

In 2008, an artbook was released, with new art, as well as art from the original magazine runs. It’s a beautiful production and highly recommended. Selected images from the artbook are available in our GALLERY, as well as some other special pictures.

There have also been three drama CDs and a music CD. Kaze Hikaru Sound Box re-releases the music CD, along with a deck of cards for the traditional Japanese game, Iroha.

There has been a small amount of Kaze Hikaru merchandise. Check out our KAZE HIKARU GALLERY for pictures of some of these items!

In the US, Viz Media licensed the title, where it ran in their Shojo Beat anthology magazine. Two of the covers featured Kaze Hikaru. After running for slightly over a year, it was rotated out of the magazine. New volumes were released quarterly until 2010, and a year passed between the release of volumes 18 and 19. The future of Kaze Hikaru is unknown, given the current state of the manga industry in the US. Please support this title by purchasing it, and also dropping a letter or e-mail to let them know how much you enjoy it. Given the setting and language style, it is a hard title to produce well, and Viz has done a wonderful job on it.