Bucchigire! AKA Shine On! Bakumatsu Boys!

Hello Shinsengumi fans! It’s always a great thing when we hear news of a new Shinsengumi related anime especially when it’s only a few more months before it gets released. I introduce to you “Bucchigire!” otherwise will be known to us as “Shine On! Bakumatsu Boys.” That’s quite a name don’t you think? I think we can expect Crunchyroll to air this anime since they reported on it but we won’t know that for sure until it’s announced officially. Either way what’s this about? Well first you can visit the official website here.

According to the website:

During a time when the Samurai ruled japan, the Shinsengumi except for one has been annihilated by an unknown enemy. Seven criminals are chosen to be the replacement of these Shinsengumi members to ensure the law and order in Kyoto, this operation is carried out.

Notable persons working on Twin Engine’s first anime project is Tetsuo Hirakawa as Anime Director at Geno Studio and Shaman King mangaka Hiroyuki Takei did the original character designs that Masafumi Yokota will translate into animation per Animenewsnetwork.

What do you think? I watched the trailer below and the guy who has green hair reminds me so much of Saitou Hajime from Peace Maker Kurogane! Another loved series of mine! But what I’m really curious about is who is the lone survivor of the Shinsengumi and I’m also curious about how the 7 criminals will take over or rather represent some of the characteristics and personality of the original Shinsengumi members!

I think it’s an interesting concept. Will convicts live a new life? Will they live up to the Shinsengumi reputation for better or worse? I can’t wait to watch it this July. I definitely want Crunchyroll to pick this up!