Peace Maker Kurogane is BACK!

OK so I’m a bit late on this but I’m just psyched that Peace Maker Kurogane is back after a long hiatus! The series went on hiatus on Chapter 90 on 05/05/2020 but now we got the 2nd installment on 06/30/2022. More than 2 years! If you can read Japanese I highly suggest going to Magcomi’s website to get the latest PMK Chapter 91!

What’s in this installment? Of course Tetsu and Saya! Who else? They’re in Aizu so you’re going to see Yae fighting in Tsuruga Castle but this time she’s fighting an Aizu mob! Who else? Saitou and his future wife Yaso shares quite a few moments. I’d really love to know what they’re saying so if there’s any kind souls who can give me an idea, don’t hesitate to contact me!