Rurouni Kenshin Remastered Opening & Closing

I got a new PC and remastered a couple of the opening and closing of Rurouni Kenshin. Below I’ll show the ones that Youtube allowed to keep visible. All of these were initially from a DVD source so from 480p but now that I have a better PC, I can continue my journey in remastering Rurouni Kenshin into HD up to 4K.

One Half – this was requested by a Redditor and was lucky it remained in YT… I always get a kick out of this opening mostly because I own a few cels from this opening of Saitou, Oniwaban and Hiko sensei. And I love the thumbnail google picked out. Yep that’s the one…

Fourth Avenue Cafe – this was my favorite of all the opening and ending songs so naturally it was the first I remastered. Lucky that it remained on YT! Another thumbnail that google picked out which I love because this Saitou cel is in my collection. He’s a Shinsengumi! But I really love this ending even without him… Truly.

It’s Gonna Rain – A really laid back song. It’s one that reminds me mostly of Seta Soujirou for some reason. I really like how the anime tried to marry the animated characters to real life background scenes. It’s very 90s. Note I did not choose the thumbnail! YT algorithm did but it must know I like Saitou-san… Oh and if you have a Saitou cel that you need to rehome (yes with compensation!) from this ending please contact me!

Finally below is a DVD vs 4K comparison that I did of Fourth Avenue Cafe. That was the 1st RK song I did on the new laptop so I was trying to see how good I can make it out to be. Not too shabby as a side by side comparison right? Enjoy!

Now that’s all done. Am I continuing my remastering project? Yes but only for those really rare footage I have like those in VHS or PSX/PS2 game video or DVD bloopers – though I don’t really know if I’ll do all that but I probably will do some especially the VHS that never made it to DVD. VHS is analog and I’m finding my VHS tapes are literally dying. Besides if you’re after the TV series and the OVAs, it’s easy enough to watch Rurouni Kenshin on streaming these days like on Crunchyroll, Hulu or HBO Max. As for the OVA, they can be found really cheap online. It’s fun to own stuff you know. Anyway I’m just doing these things to tie me over until the new Rurouni Kenshin Anime Project comes out. We can compare animation in the 90s and 2022! 30 years later!