Hijikata Toshizou Yoshitoyo


Shinsengumi Fukuchou also known as Oni Fukuchou

Born in Musashi Province, Tama in the village of Hino

Parents were wealthy farmers

Was brought up by sister’s family because his parents died early. Father before he was born and mother five years later

Met Kondou via Sato (Sato was married to his sister) and became Kondou’s student and will stay in the Shieikan starting 1859

Joins the Roshitai in 1863 with Kondou

Becomes the Fukuchou of the Shinsengumi

Said to devise the laws in the Shinsengumi, was enforcer of the official discipline within the group by instituting “internal inspections”

In 1868 commanded the troops in the Battle of Toba Fushimi as Kondou was in a hospital in Osaka. Suffered a defeat there by the Satsuma and Choshu clan and was forced to retreat to Edo

After the defeat at Katsunama, he used a fake name Naito Hayato and organized the Koyou Chibuntai

After Kondou’s surrender in Nagerayama, he fights from place to place and heads up north to Aizu

Leaves Aizu to join the shogunate fleet of Enamoto Takeshi in Hokkaido

When the Ezo Republic is born, he is appointed as Army Magistrate in 12 months

The fight continues with the New Government (Imperial) Army and he dies by a snipers bullet on May 11 at Umagami. He was only 35

Favorite blade was the Izumi Mori Kanesada

Buddhist name: Saishin indono Makoto Takayoshi Toyohiro Koji

Grave is in Hino-shi Tokyo, Ishida Temple