Kondou’s Adopted Daughter in Love with Okita

This adopted daughter seemed to have had a “manly” temper and always carried a dagger in her bossom. Then one day she decided to “confess” to Okita about her love since Okita wasn’t “aware” of her like for him. She asks to marry him and Okita flatly refused and because this adopted daughter felt ashamed she stabbed her throat. Fortunately the wound was not too deep and she was able to live. The adopted daughter goes on to say that she’s married another person afterwards. This event was a well-known event in the Shieikan. However the author wonders if this is indeed true considering Kondou himself would only be in his 20s and to adopt at such a young age seemed unnatural. However in the Kojima diary in Onoji-son there is a passage about Kondou’s adopting this daughter. It goes thus; July 3, 1864: Kondou adopts a daughter and is good. The appearance is about 13 years old. If looked in the context of the Edo period then the document is also persuasive although the circumstances are unclear.