Yamanami Keisuke “Sannan”


Shinsengumi Fukuchou and Souchou (Vice-Chief and President of “College” – learning arts/literature/etc)

Was a Ronin from Oshu Sendai and goes to Edo

Was a practitioner of Hokushin Ittou Ryu of the Chiba dojo

In recent research there is a theory that he was also a practitioner of Onoha Ittou Ryu according to Shuusuke (name of researcher?)

Seems to have become a student of the Tennen Rishin Ryu at the Shieikan in 1860

Goes to Kyoto in 1863, as well and stays with Kondou’s group, later becoming a Vice-Commander along with Hijikata

There is record of participation in the Iwaki shop event in 1864 where there was fierce fighting but starting with the Ikedaya plot, there is no record of his participation.

There is a theory that he was badly injured in the Iwaki shop incident and could no longer participate actively

It is said that he is well liked by his subordinates, an affable person, however did not get along well with Hijikata and Itou

The most commonly accepted theory on his death is that in 1865 he commits hara-kiri for violating the hatto by leaving the Shinsengumi. Okita is said to be the “second” in his seppuku

But there is a researcher (not named) who doubts the events of his death; the reasoning goes that because of his injury which made him unable to participate actively in the group. This injury was prior to the Ikedaya raid and was the cause why Sannan was left to guard the compound. He was gradually forced into a “desk job” and given a figurehead title of “President”. It is said that Hijikata had participation in this (demotion) and eventually Yamanami committed suicide.

With the way his name is written in Kanji, it is more likely that he went by the name “Sannan”

Favorite sword: Sekishin Okikou

His grave is in Shijo-Omiya in Kyoto, Hikari-en Temple