Rurouni Kenshin Specials

These are the VHS and DVD specials that came out in the 90’s for Rurouni Kenshin which included Memorial, Character Rankings, Favorite Scenes, Fighting Styles and Character Specials! Currently there is only one video, Rurouni Kenshin Famous Scenes Ranking, courtesy of Maiwun!

Rurouni Kenshin – Best Scene Ranking

This project started off with a curiosity on an old RK VHS collection that I had. I had bought a bunch of rental VHS Kenshin tapes back in the day. I posted it on the Rurouni Kenshin reddit and also asked for help if anybody wanted to try to sub it. A few people did volunteer and it was one person who really came through and that was Maiwun!

Maiwun did such a nice job that I felt the VHS quality even if upsampled wasn’t good enough so I went searching for a DVD version which I then upsampled to 4K but had to downsample to 1080p for streaming. You can see both VHS and DVD for RK’s Best Scene Ranking below. This RK special really lets one re-live the excitement and the best anime scenes in the Kenshin fandom back in the 90’s.

SPECIAL THANKS TO MAIWUN FOR MAKING THIS RUROUNI KENSHIN SPECIAL VIDEO POSSIBLE! Without Maiwun this wouldn’t have been possible at all! Maiwun was responsible for the translating and most of the subtitling! Mai really did a great job! We hope you enjoy!

Note: This video was originally sourced from the DVD, we then upsampled it to 1080p which is the sweet spot for streaming. If you have a very slow internet connection it may not play for you or you may have to wait for a few minutes for it to buffer. Watch in full screen!