Crunchyroll streams Hakuoki Demon of the Fleeting Blossom

Back in September we posted that WOWWOW was streaming the live action adaptation of Hakuouki! Unfortunately for us State side WOWWOW is only available in Japan. But our ever trusty Crunchyroll streaming service is actually doing a simulcast of the live action drama for those in the Americas, Europe and other places where Crunchyroll has a service. So if you’re curious or excited on what Hakuouki looks like in live action Japanese drama form you can watch it on Crunchyroll here.

The first episode is available for free but the subsequent ones are premium only. Note that aside from the live action drama, Crunchyroll also have under their premium subscription service the newly released and ongoing Hakuoki OVA here.

To be clear we’re not affiliated with Crunchyroll in any way but we love it when Crunchyroll shows the Shinsengumi some love. So please support them so they know Shinsengumi fans are out there!

Oh and since I didn’t greet you guys a Happy 2022, well have a Happy 2022!!