Future Plans for Shinsengumi.net

I’m slowly adding back long lost information of our old site hajimenokizu.com now that we’ve transitioned to a more appropriate domain name “Shinsengumi.net”. I made the decision to finally separate my personal site and my Shinsengumi website to better highlight the Shinsengumi.

In the height of hajimenokizu.com, we had a forum but unfortunately maintaining the forum and ensuring security was not something I could keep up with. So we had lost a lot of information there that was brought to us by the small community of users we did have. Today what I am putting together is the static information that we do have and I’m afraid the other info will have to be lost to posterity.

Some of the information in hajimenokizu.com, specifically the “news” I am trying to decide whether to add back. On one hand it’s interesting to look back in time and see the excitement whenever a new Shinsengumi project, manga or show was being announced. On another hand it’s old info that is no longer relevant. But I am leaning to put it back and retroactively changing the dates to their original ones back 7 years ago.

Finally there are swats of missing information in the fansite that I either hope to at some point create or get help from others to create. I’m also reaching out to others if they’d like to have their Shinsengumi information on this website, especially those old Shinsengumi fansites who are no longer around. There were not a lot of them but there were some. There’s been a question on a social media presence like facebook, twitter, reddit, tumblr, instagram and although I believe those mediums are great in connecting people all the time, I’m not sure if it is a medium that fulfills the goal of this website which is to have one place that celebrates that Shinsengumi in all it’s forms in a “lasting” and more “immersive” way. “Hajimenokizu” did use to have a social media presence on twitter and tumblr but this was maintained by an old partner of mine and had been retired. But I would appreciate for those who do find this Shinsengumi.net to share it with their friends on the social media platforms as I know the limitations of a website that just exist on the net and is “off the social media grid”.

15+ years and there’s a whole lot of catching up to do and I admit, this journey has become a solitary one but that’s okay. I’ll take my time and if people find this Shinsengumi fansite and want to contribute and be engaged, that’s why we’re here. So don’t hesitate to contact me.