Rurouni Kenshin Comparison Videos

Side by side comparison of the source material whether VHS or DVD to their 4K upsampled counterpart. I decided to just combine both DVDs, VHS and low quality vids. These are my forays into RK4K upsampling project. Trying to improve the upsamples required side by side comparisons for me to see the difference. If you’re curious and want to see, make sure to watch full screen.

RK Popular Character Misao (VHS Source – to 4K UHD) -**NEW** 1/16/21

I was slowly improving my upscaling skills with the video below. What’s interesting is that you can definitely see the improvement of the animation in the comparison video… But improvement on the “live action” interview of the voice actor for Misao still needs improvement. This clip which I did several months ago was the first few times I realized that VHS will always be “softer” than it’s DVD counterpart no matter what! It’s a short clip just to show the difference in 4K!

RK Anime Music Video “SaiKen” (Very Low Quality Source)

This was my very first AMV made in the very old WMV format. I kind of liked it as I’m a fan of Kenshin and Saitou so I thought why not try to upscale it to HD? Not too shabby but it’s not perfect.

RK Ending Song “Tactics” (DVD Source)

I loved the song tactics and this was a sample of when I was first trying to upsample a DVD. The sound was OK and so was the upsampling however the conversion to create the side by side comparisons took away a lot of the quality. Needless to say I was more careful next time.

RK Opening Song “Sobakasu” (DVD Source)

This was another test for upsampling. The sound needed a lot of work but I’m putting it up here as you can now see the difference hours of PC computation makes! But I had to find a way to fix the audio.

Seisouhen – Saitou Deleted Scene (DVD Source)

I was curious as to how close I can get to the Blu-ray version that was released for the Kenshin OVAs. Not too bad of results however I botched the sound. Just a small clip from the deleted scene of Saitou and Kaoru. Saitou of course is my favorite character if that’s not obvious yet.